IQAC was conceived as a mechanism to build and ensure a quality culture at the institutional level. The IQAC is meant for planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the colleges. The IQAC may channelize and systematize the efforts and measures of an institution towards academic excellence. The composition of the IQAC may be as follows:Chairperson : Head of the Institution,Teachers to represent all level (Three to eight ),One member from the Management,Few senior administrative officers,One nominee each from local society, Students and Alumni,One nominee each from Employers /Industrialists / stakeholders.

The college itself has the above IQAC Cell.The main aim of IQAC is-To facilitate the integration of the various activities of the institution and institutionalize the best practices. To provide a sound basis for decision making imbibing all the dimensions of service quality to improve institutional functioning. To act as a change agent in the Institution.