Core Values

The Govt. College Jatauli Haily Mandi, Gurugram, is committed to a series of persistent core values. These values emphasize on the institution's sustainable development and drive our Mission, Vision and Objective through changing times.

Inspiring Campus Environment:

Inspired by the Eternal Professor, Govt. College Jatauli Haily Mandi, Gurugram preserves a peaceful, welcoming, secure, pleasant and women-friendly cultural and aesthetic environment.

Academic Excellence and Success:

We value student-oriented learning processes that focus on results, discipline, timeliness, honesty, commitment social justice, demonstrations and institutional practice.

Women Empowerment:

We aspire to bring competent, self-reliant women to society through higher education.

Continuous Improvement:

We evaluate student-learning outcomes, programme efficiency and our decision-making processes for ongoing development. We use such evaluation to improve the quality of our courses.

Environmental Sustainability:

We appreciate the adoption of strategies to conserve and share these values with future generations, hence committed to the idea of sustainable living.

Civic Awareness:

We value social consciousness, which promotes an understanding and improvement of the social space we inhabit and the world, in general via meaningful dialogues and activities involving our students, faculty and the community around us.

Collegiality and Professionalism:

We encourage the humane practices of being respectful, friendly, understanding, civil, cooperative and tolerant. We encourage an attitude of professionalism and collegiality. As distinct individuals, we value the diversity surrounding us from all corners.

Participatory Decision Making:

We respect decentralization of competence that allows us to contribute ideas, raise concerns and explore options for consensus building. When we are involved in decision-making, we value and hold utmost trust in our administration.

Institutional Wellness:

We encourage an institutional attitude and culture, which promote and support the overall health and well-being of employees and students; and an efficient, friendly and management system enabling the institution's further advancement.