Research Papers Published by Faculty members

1. Dr. Priyanka Batra, Acquired Ph.D. degree on 26/11/2015 on the topic “Furthering the Design of Postmodernism: The Narratives of John Irving.

2. Dr. Priyanka Batra, Published a Research Paper titled “The Advent of Post Modernism” in Research Review, International Journal of Multidisciplinary in December 2018.

3. Dr. Priyanka Batra, Published a Research Paper titled “Postcolonialism in Indian English Literature” in International Journal of Applied Research in August 2019.

4. Dr. Shobha Yadav, Infinite delayed stochastic impulsive differential system with poisson jumps, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

5. Dr. Arzoo, “Use of Automotive standards in VANET to build an Intelligent Transportation System in India” in Volume 8, Issue 2(March, 2019) of  journal IJSRCSAMS.

6. Dr. Arzoo, “Workplace Satisfaction of Women in Delhi and Gurugram (Education Sector):A Survey Report”,Interrnational Conference on HPMMGBS-2019,Dec.21-22,2019,RDIAS-New Delhi.